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I will be the first to admit that I am obsessed with babies and basically have baby fever all of the time.  So, needless to say, it is an absolute JOY for me to be a part of your new baby journey.

There are many different ways to have Erica Stephens Photo join you in welcoming your new sweet baby.  I offer maternity sessions (both individually or including your family) and birth photography (I am a blast to have in the room with you while you're giving birth!  Kind of like a photographer/coach/cheerleader all rolled into one).  I also offer two different kinds of lifestyle newborn photography.  The first is an in-hospital session when baby is typically between 12-24 hours new.  I meet you at the hospital once you're settled in your couplet care room, and capture all the little details of the fleeting first moments of life.  I can even be there when big siblings come to meet their new sibling for the first time!  The second type is an in-home newborn session when baby is 2-7 days new.  I meet you in your home and capture photos of baby in their crib, snuggled with mom in the rocker, cuddled with their family in mom & dad's bed, etc.  We get to capture your nursery, your home, and the unique beauty your family brings to the table. 


Being the mom of 4, I know how stressful it can be to leave the house with a newborn.  So, I make sure that all my newborn options include me coming to you.  The sessions include extra time so there is a cushion for feedings, diaper changes, fussiness, and whatever other surprises brand new babies throw our way.

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