Friday, December 6, 2013

Ryan Makenzie: 1 Week New! {Palmdale, Ca Newborn Photographer}

The last two years I have photographed and shared with you this family, which is one of the strongest and most real families I know.  It's an honor for me to call Bre my friend, and it's been an incredible journey these last 2.5 years as we all walked with them during some of the darkest days of their lives.  After losing their sweet baby Jackson, it's been an uphill battle for them to have another child.  There was a lot of heartbreak, but more importantly there was a promise from God.  And one thing that is always true about God and His promises is that He keeps them.  He always keeps His Word.  Always.  The pictures you are about to see are just that- proof that God keeps His Word.  Ryan Makenzie is an answer to prayer, and a literal picture of a promise that God fulfilled.  It's my honor to share these photos with you!
1113_blog 01
1113_blog 02
1113_blog 03
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