Friday, December 20, 2013

A Dressy Desert Photoshoot {Palmdale, Ca Family Photographer}

Over 3 years ago I met Jenny when she contacted me about doing their family pictures.  She was a friend of a friend who found me during a FB contest (I believe) that I put on after I moved back here to the AV from Alabama.  I couldn't contain my excitement when she said she wanted to take their couch out by the windmills and do a session there... so we did!  Last year we wanted to do something different, so we did a baseball themed session to go with their Dodger baseball loft.  I also photographed Jenny's amazing 30th birthday party (that I can't seem to find the blog post for...) and Jenny helped me decorate and man my booth at the Bridal Expo earlier this year.  So as you can probably guess, I'm a fan of this family... especially because they are just so real, down to earth, creative, and fun!  This year Jenny wanted to do something different, but everything she thought of fell through.  So then she had a brilliant idea, and we had it all set up to go.  And then it rained.  It never rains here.  So we had to reschedule.  I told Jenny that I've only had to reschedule due to weather just a handful of times in 3 years and that each other those sessions turned out exceptionally awesome, so I wasn't expecting anything less for hers.  They ended up being my last session before maternity leave, and I can confidently say that we went out with a bang!  See for yourself :)
1127_blog 01
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The next picture was Bryce's idea... He wanted to give his jacket to his sister! And the thing is, that is so them! They have THE most adorable brother/sister relationship that just melts your heart!
1127_blog 04
And... well... the Joshua tree fell over right after we took this photo....
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Cutest couple award??
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