Saturday, November 16, 2013

The "L" Family {Lancaster, Ca family photographer}

Well goodness, where do I start with this post?  This past summer my family and I started attending a new church, which is a church plant.  There is a family feeling and heart in the church that we have just fallen in love with, and it's all because of the incredible pastors that God has placed in charge of Life Church, Pastor Tim & Sharon.  They have a heart for the street that the church is on and the people who live in the neighborhood surrounding the church, which is not located in the best part of town.  Because of their passion for the people on that street, there really wasn't anywhere else that would make sense to do their family pictures at.  We had the best time with their sweet family, and I think I was more blessed than they were to be able to take their photos.  It's my honor to share some of my favorites with you!
1020_blog 01

It is not rare that you will hear of them taking "prayer walks" up and down the street and will walk as a family and just love on the people who live in that neighborhood.

1020_blog 02
1020_blog 03
1020_blog 04

While taking pictures of just Tim & Sharon, I asked the girls to help me make sure that their parents smiled. This is what happened.

1020_blog 05

1020_blog 06

Then the girls wanted to pose their parents, so their parents posed them in return. Can you tell how fun this family is???

1020_blog 07

1020_blog 08
1020_blog 09
1020_blog 10

Pastor Tim needed a headshot for a few speaking engagements, so we took those, and then did headshots of his girls too ;)

1020_blog 11
1020_blog 12

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