Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The "A" Family {Antelope Valley, Ca Family Photographer}

Sometimes the world is just so small, and I find it fascinating and weird all at the same time.  Facebook makes the world really small, because you find the strangest connections between people you know through the "mutual friends" they show you.  When Sena contacted me about doing a session for her family, it was one of those moments.  When I rolled my mouse over her name, FB showed me that we had one "mutual friend," and it was a friend of mine from when we lived in Alabama.  How in the world?  Come to find out, Sena grew up in Alabama near where we lived, and went to school with this mutual friend... but now lives in the same place in CA as I do.  The world really is SO small!

And I tell that random story just to say... enjoy these photos of Sena & her gorgeous family!  Her little guy Jax was only 3 weeks old at the time of the session!
1029_blog 01
1029_blog 02
1029_blog 03
1029_blog 04
1029_blog 05
1029_blog 06
1029_blog 07
1029_blog 08

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