Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Lindsey- Class of 2013 {Antelope Valley, Ca Senior Photographer}

Lindsey is a beautiful young woman full of love who I have watched grow and mature into the person God is forming her to be.  I was honored when she & her mom asked if I would do her senior pictures, and of course jumped at the chance to photograph her.  Lindsey's boyfriend of 3 years, Billy, tagged along with us for the session and we were able to take some photos of the two of them together as well.  It's exciting to see where God is taking them in life!

I had to include this first picture (on the right) because it was just something that none of us will forget.  About a month earlier I did another session at this same location and there were no problems.  We hike out to where it was this time, and there were bees.... everywhere!  There was a hive in one of the run-down buildings and the bees were awful.  I don't know about you, but I HATE bees!  We tried to stay as far away from the bees as possible, but one found Lindsey, burrowed itself into her hair, and stung her head!  I snapped the picture because we were laughing thinking she was being dramatic, but then a couple minutes later I definitely had to extract the stinger!  In fact, when I zoomed in on this picture I could see the bee.  Lindsey is such a good sport and trooper, that was literally the first pose of the shoot and she ended up with these beautiful portraits, all while having a great attitude and laughing about it!

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