Monday, October 7, 2013

Family session {Lancaster, Ca Family Photographer}

I've said it over & over, so if you follow my blog at all you will know what I'm about to say, but I just love when families with grown children get together to take family pictures!  It is SO special, especially when different members for the family live all over the country (like this family for example).  Susan, the beautiful matriarch of this family, has been a solid rock for her kids.  You can tell how much they love & respect her by how they treat her, and it just makes my heart swell to see that kind of love.  We were able to get together and capture pictures of grandma, grown children, and some grandkids.  There were a lot of laughs ;)
And this last picture, well we tried to get the whole family to jump in, but they didn't want to... and during the time we tried to convince them, the sun set a little farther so my settings on my camera weren't quite right (that's why the pictures are blurry) but I HAD to include them because they are hilarious and so much fun!

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