Thursday, October 3, 2013

Atlantah- Class of 2013! {Antelope Valley, Ca Senior Photographer}

This senior session was very special to me.  When I was a kid, Scott & Michealle were the children's pastors at my church.  When I was too old to be in the children's ministry, I spent a lot of time during my Jr. High & High School years helping them in different areas.  I remember when they had their first daughter, Atlantah (I believe I was 12!), and I remember when they moved away to a town about 5 hours north to pastor a growing church around the time I graduated from high school.  Fast forward a couple years to when Dathan & I got married, and the summer of our first anniversary we took a little weekend trip up to visit Scott & Michealle's family and see their new church.  We fell in love with the people from their church and Scott asked us the day we were leaving when we would be moving up there.  Funny enough, about 3 weeks later we DID move up there, and spent a year of our marriage working at the church and I taught Kindergarten at a small Christian school.  That was one of our favorite years of our marriage, and we met some amazing people who remain parts of our lives even today (7 years later).  In fact, a couple years ago I photographed this wedding, which was for a young lady whose family we were very close with during our time living there.

All that to say, this summer Atlantah (who, as I said earlier, I remember when she was born) graduated from high school.  She is an amazing girl full of life and love and joy.  And I was able to take a quick weekend trip (with all 3 of my boys... by myself like a crazy person) up to Manteca and do Atlantah's senior portraits for her.  She is beautiful, does not take a bad picture, and is so much fun to be around.  We had the best time and I was SO pleased with how the photos turned out (as you'll be able to tell with my picture overload)!!!


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