Monday, September 9, 2013

Gender Reveal Party! {Lancaster, Ca Event Photographer}

If you've followed my blog for any amount of time, you will definitely recognize this family.  They are my most loyal clients, and I just LOVE capturing all the amazing milestones their family hits in life.  In fact, to make it easy to go back and see their sessions, I've given them their own tag so you can easily just click here to see them all ;)
Jeremiah & Cheryl were expecting Baby #2, or baby #4, they both work.  This was the second baby Cheryl would be giving birth to, but her & Jer's fourth child (they adopted their nieces a few years ago).  They decided to have a fun gender reveal party & invited me along to capture all the fun.  The decor was adorable and they had everyone pick a pink or blue necklace to wear depending on which "team" they were routing for.  It really was a blast!
(If you couldn't tell, the inside of the cake pops were PINK!)
Cheryl also called her best friend who lives out of state and made sure she was on the phone to hear everyone's reactions :)
The big sisters reactions when they realized what the pink cake meant
And Joel's face in this picture says it all, but I just had to caption it because it was too funny!

Stay tuned to see birth & newborn pictures of their next sweet arrival!!

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