Saturday, August 24, 2013

The "H" Family {Antelope Valley, Ca Family Photographer}

Well this session didn't quite go the way we had planned, but I was still super happy with how the pictures turned out.  First of all (funny, random story), while driving out to location together, Becca and I realized that we dated the same guy in high school!  We probably dated him back to back, and we didn't even know each other then!  We laughed for quite a bit about that one... my how life changes!  Then, the day had been overcast but we checked the weather several times and it said 0% chance of rain.  So we drove out to the spot (about 20 mins away) to take the pictures, because every photographer knows that overcast days are ideal (lighting wise) for some beautiful pictures.  We take a few photos, head out into the open field, and of course right when we get there the heavens just open up and that 0% chance of rain turned into 100% chance of rain!  And if you're from here you know it never rains here.  So we grabbed an umbrella and blanket, snapped a couple rain pictures, then headed back to their house to finish out the session.  When you are an on-location photographer you just learn how to go with the flow!

PS If their son Seth does not make you smile with his absolutely adorable & hilarious personality and facial expressions, I don't know what will!

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