Thursday, February 14, 2013

Matt + Lorraine = Married! {Lancaster, Ca Wedding Photographer}

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!  What is a better way to celebrate today than to post a wedding?!  I seriously love love.  I believe in marriage.  I believe in couples who love & honor each other enough to make a lifetime commitment to one another.  I love watching a new chapter of lives unfold before my eyes.  And I get to capture the memories for these people!  It is seriously SUCH an honor!  Look at the love!!!  To see Matt & Lorraine's engagement pictures click here
0623_richards_fb 01
0623_richards_fb 02
0623_richards_fb 03
0623_richards_fb 04
0623_richards_fb 05
0623_richards_fb 06
0623_richards_fb 07
0623_richards_fb 08
0623_richards_fb 09
0623_richards_fb 10
0623_richards_fb 11
0623_richards_fb 12
0623_richards_fb 13
0623_richards_fb 14

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