Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Chris + Shannon: Married! {Redlands, Ca Wedding Photographer}

I know I don't have to say it again... but I love weddings!  This wedding was SO special because it was for a friend who was more like a younger sister growing up.  It is a joy to see the woman she has grown into and that she has truly fallen head over heels in love.  Chris treats Shannon like a princess & loves her through & through.  You really can't ask for a better start to a lifetime together!  Their day was full of beautiful scenery and intricate details that made their wedding just perfect.  I could show you SO many pictures, but I only chose my favorites (and there's still a lot! haha)!
0825_lipscomb_fb 01
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And this father/daughter dance... I just have to take a minute to share.  Shannon gave her dad the job of finding the perfect song for them to dance to at the reception.  Pat looked high & low and could not find the perfect song... so he decided to write it!  Secretly (with only his wife and nobody else knowing) he wrote and recorded a song about Shannon, and then had the DJ play it for their first dance together.  The picture on the left is her face when the DJ was explaining that the song he was about to play was written by her dad.  Let me tell you... there weren't many dry eyes among the female guests at that moment... including me!
0825_lipscomb_fb 16


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