Monday, February 18, 2013

A big family celebration! {Lancaster, Ca Family Photographer}

This family contacted me about a very special photo session- (grand)dad was going to be having a very significant birthday, and all of his children and grandchildren were going to be in town to celebrate.  How special is that?  When different family members are in different states then it is a very special time to have them all "home" at once.  What a treat it was to capture them all together so that they could have these pictures to cherish.  And what a challenge it was to get 13(!!!) children who were about 10 & under to look at me at the same time :)  Ha!  I'm sure I looked pretty silly.  That's ok... you do what you gotta do, right?? ;)  Oh... and did I mention that it was super windy?? Good old Antelope Valley!
072812_fb 01
072812_fb 02
072812_fb 03
072812_fb 04
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