Sunday, July 15, 2012

Jake, April, & the kiddos {lancaster, ca family photographer}

Jake & April are such fun & loving parents. Their children were all well behaved, happy, and sweet.  They smiled at the camera when we needed them to and you could just tell they were all content.  What a beautiful picture of how a family should be- everyone is free to be themselves and is loved.  We had such a great time running around in the heat of the summer last year taking these pictures.  Funny story: as I was taking the picture of them by the tree, all of a sudden my foot started burning (I had on flip-flops). I look down and wouldn't you know I stood directly in an ant hill, and my foot was COVERED with ants.  The price us photogs pay to get a great shot, right? :)

07.05 goble_02

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