Thursday, July 5, 2012

alex + laelle: married! {riverside, ca wedding photographer}

**Lets just pretend that it has not been 3 months since I've last blogged..... :)

When Laelle contacted me about photographing her wedding, I was thrilled!  For one, I have known her since we were both very young and there is something so special about being a part of the wedding day of someone you have history with.  But also, she told me she was going to get married in the Benedict Castle, which I have been wanting to shoot a wedding in for years!!  It is a gorgeous venue and all proceeds go to an amazing cause, you should check it out ;)

Alex and Laelle are a sweet couple who have an amazing history.  God has really placed His hand on their relationship and you can tell!  Please enjoy the memories from that day:

godfrey blog 01
godfrey blog 02
godfrey blog 03
godfrey blog 04
godfrey blog 05
godfrey blog 06
godfrey blog 07
godfrey blog 08
godfrey blog 09
godfrey blog 10
godfrey blog 11
godfrey blog 12
godfrey blog 13 Alex and Laelle- I pray God blesses your marriage and your family (it has been SO long since this wedding in April of last year that they've had enough time to have a baby just a few weeks ago! Congrats!!) 
Be blessed! ~ES :)

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