Monday, March 26, 2012

kyle + nicole {palm springs, ca wedding photographer}

Ok, I am once again catching up on all the blogs that were missed when my site was down (for 8 months!).  This beautiful wedding is waaaaay overdue but worth the wait!

Kyle and Nicole are a gorgeous couple.  One thing that made this wedding different than any other wedding that I've done is that they were already married.  In fact, they had been for a couple years.  Kyle is in the Navy and they had been saving up to have the wedding of their dreams, and I would have to say that they did!!!  Nicole is so sweet and loves deeply.  I could see that from meeting with her, and watching her interact with their daughter Peyton.  She was a stunning bride! And their bridal party? Hilarious! They were so much fun and I hadn't laughed so much in a long time.

The wedding was in the breathtaking town of Palm Springs, CA, on a bright & sunny day (but very windy!).  The last time I had been to Palm Springs had been my honeymoon, so it was only appropriate to bring Dathan along with me as my second shooter & assistant.  He has an amazing artistic eye & knows how to work a camera (I'm a blessed girl!).  I made sure that he understood that he would have to follow directions from me, and not mind. HA!  We both really enjoyed working together and want to do it again!!

Let me share their day with you:
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I have to say, this was the only wedding I had done, to date, that made me tear up.  After Kyle & Nicole's first dance, Peyton's grandpa brought her out to them and the 3 of them danced together as a family.  It was such a loving, special moment between their sweet family of 3!!

Kyle & Nicole (and Peyton!): I pray all of the biggest blessings over your life and all of your travels, wherever the Navy may take you.  Keep that family bond strong, and your love even stronger.  It was my honor to capture your special day for you!!
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mackyton said...

Beautiful photography! Thank god, I came across this post at the right time. I am also looking for a photographer for my pre-wedding photoshoot for which I have also booked a party venue. Since my fiancé and I are party freaks, we wanted our pre-wed shoot to be somewhat like that.