Friday, March 30, 2012

joel: 15 days old {lancaster, ca photographer}

Well, I am pretty sure that you are all familiar with Joel.  If not, you can view his birth here, and his family pictures (when he was in his momma's tummy) here.  

You can ask any photographer, and they will tell you that they LOVE loyal customers.  Not only do we LOVE them, but we love to reward them for their loyalty.  Anyways, Jeremiah and Cheryl are the perfect example of one of my favorite loyal families (stay tuned for their family pictures from last fall and Joel's first birthday pictures... yes, I'm that far behind in my blogging!).  In fact, I am posting this blog today because... it IS his 1st birthday!  Happy birthday, sweet Joel!

After being there when Joel entered the world, 15 days later I hung out at his house with him & his mom and captured him in the sweet, squishy newborn stage... which doesn't last for long.  Enjoy!
joel_07 joel_09 joel_17 joel_22 joel_28 joel_30 joel_32

Sweet baby Joel- I pray all the blessings in the WORLD over you on your 1st birthday!  You are a miracle, a blessing, & a joy.  God's got some pretty incredible plans for your life, and I can't wait to see them unfold!!!
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