Friday, January 13, 2012

welcome to this world, Joel! {lancaster, ca birth photographer}

Last March I was given the honor of photographing my first live birth.  This was such a special time for me.  I was pregnant (still in my first trimester), and had never been present when a baby was born (besides having my own children, but that does not count).  Jeremiah & Cheryl are a very special couple to me.  I have known Jeremiah since we were small kids & Cheryl since high school.  They allowed me to photograph their family in the fall of 2010 when Cheryl was still pregnant (you can see that session here). So when Cheryl asked me if I wanted to be there when Joel was born I jumped at the chance!

There is something so miraculous & beautiful about a baby being born.  There's really no other way I could explain it.  I told Cheryl at the end of the day that if I wasn't already pregnant then I sure would have wanted to be after experiencing that!  Life is such a precious gift.  To be able to capture one just beginning is a precious gift.  And now I can share both of those gifts with you :)

joel blog 01 joel blog 02 I'm not sure what husbands & wives did during labor before phones...??? Ha! Of course we have to keep Facebook, Twitter, & all the family updated!joel blog 03 Any woman who has had an epidural before knows what that button is... I call it the happy button! You know, the one you push when you start feeling pain to let a little more of the drugs into your body :)  So thankful for those!!joel blog 04 joel blog 05 It's time to push!  Cheryl is so strong, brave, & was in such good spirits! joel blog 06 Daddy & Mommy's first glances at their precious baby boy.  Jeremiah's smile makes me a little teary eyed, I'm not gonna lie! joel blog 07 My favorite photo of the whole day... Cheryl's is about to touch her baby for the first time.  The joy on her face says it all. joel blog 08 Welcome to this world, Joel Scott! joel blog 09 joel blog 10 joel blog 11 
I wasn't there when Alyssa & Alexis (Joel's big sisters) got to meet him for the first time, but I can assure you this family is just amazing, and so beautiful together.   In fact you'll have to stay tuned for their family session that I did last November :)

Jeremiah & Cheryl- thank you, thank you, thank you for allowing me to be there for such an amazing & unforgettable time in your lives.  It truly changed mine.  What a precious gift Joel is, and what deserving parents you both are!
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