Thursday, March 24, 2011

ryan + sarah = h, c, & g {lancaster, ca photographer}

Pastor Ryan & Sarah are huge blessings in my life.  They came to our church here in California to be the youth pastors and intern directors not too long after we moved away to Alabama.  Everyone told me how Sarah & I would have gotten along SO well.  I met her a couple of the times I came to visit, so we became Facebook friends.  On FB we soon realized that everyone was right- we had so much in common & one of her sons was just 10 days younger than Sean.  So when we moved back last summer, Sarah & I were thrilled to be "real life" friends instead of just "FB friends."  To make it better, Dathan & Ryan got along great and our kids LOVED playing together.  Their boys, Hunter & Caden, are the first people Sean has ever called best friends.

So it was a total bittersweet situation when, a couple weeks ago, they moved to Oklahoma to work at a church there.  God has definitely placed them there for this season of their lives but we miss them here!  I wanted to bless them with a special gift before they left, and what better than to capture them in the desert one last time before they move to the middle of the country??

They are just a beautiful family that you can't help but love.  Enjoy!
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The sweet kiddos- Grace, Caden, & Hunter
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Ryan & Sarah- We miss you guys so much here but know that you are where you're supposed to be.  God is so faithful to you & uses you in such mighty ways.  Those students in Oklahoma City have NO idea how blessed & enriched their lives became when you stepped foot there.  Love you!

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Peyton's Pages said...

You are rocking that 5d. Love these! They are an adorable family.