Thursday, March 24, 2011

hillary. headshots. {lancaster, ca photographer}

Hold on one second, let me just wipe these cobwebs off of my blog....

There, that's better!  Sorry my blogging has been lacking lately.  February and March are usually slow months for me, which is totally ok!  God knows what He's doing and knew that we were going to be moving among other things & that I would need the time!  Plus I need to rest up for my VERY busy April!  So exciting!

Hillary just recently moved to Oklahoma and before she left I did a fun little mini-shoot with her for some headshots.  She is working on becoming a speaker (mainly to young women about who they are in God) and needed some shots done of her for future speaking engagements.  We had a blast & she is absolutely beautiful, inside & out!
hillary_blog 04

hillary_blog 03

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hillary_blog 01

Hill- Can't wait to see where God takes you & all the lives that He is going to use you to change!  You have so much to give & a beautiful, willing heart to give it.  God is going to bless you SO much!!!

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