Tuesday, February 15, 2011

baby joseph & his brothers {palmdale, ca photographer}

Sorry it has been awhile since I have updated my blog!  It's not that I haven't had work but just the opposite- I have been so busy I keep forgetting that I need to blog!  Whoops!

My first photo shoot of 2011 (and my first with my new camera) was of a brand new baby, Joseph.  I found it so fitting that to start off my new beginnings, I was photographing a new beginning.  And he was sweet as can be, too!
joseph_blog 07
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Joseph is the youngest of 3 boys, so we had to snap a picture of the siblings together.  Aren't they adorable??  And such proud big brothers!
joseph_blog 02

And of course we didn't want the big brothers to feel left out, so I snapped a few shots of them by themselves.  What hams!
joseph_blog 01

Espi- thank you so much for allowing me to capture such a precious time in your lives.  What wonderful blessings you have been given!!!
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