Tuesday, January 18, 2011

john + aimee = well, a whole lot of love to share! {lancaster, ca photographer}

This was my last photoshoot of 2010, but somewhere in the middle of redesigning my logo, blog, price sheets, etc, I forgot to post their photos on here!  Whoops! :)

John & Aimee have a one of the most beautiful blended families I have ever seen, and it's probably because they have two of the biggest hearts I've ever seen.  Just a couple months before Dathan & I got married (in 2004), John & Aimee got married.  And they each brought along two kids of their own.
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Not too long after that, they took in two sisters who needed a home to live in
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And have since taken in another girl (poor Daniel- the only son! Ha!) who didn't have a place to live.  Most of these girls are graduated from high school now, but they are still a huge part of this family!
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Michalae has also added in her boyfriend and their son, Amari to the mix.  A family that just keeps growing :)
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Amari is too cute for words!!
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I love how their family has grown & changed, but the love that they share is still there, getting stronger through each year.  John & Aimee are such a beautiful expression of God's love & heart!  This was their first family shoot with the 3 newest family members.  What a special thing I was asked to capture!
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John & Aimee- I respect, honor, & look up to you guys so much!  Thank you for having open hearts & being obedient for all that God has asked you to do.  I know your blessings just keep rolling in, and they will continue to because you are so deserving of each and every one of them! :)
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