Thursday, December 16, 2010

wille + monica = a & a {green valley, ca photographer}

On thanksgiving weekend I was given the honor of photographing a beautiful family that I have known for years, whose children I have literally watched grow up!  Now they are both in college (eek!  That makes me sound & feel old!).

A friend of mine from high school, Shillawna, was in town visiting her family for Thanksgiving.  She takes gorgeous photos & has her own photo business where she lives, and we had talked many times about how it would be fun to shoot together.  So she sent me a text that she was in town & asked if I had any photo shoots she could tag along with.  Of course I said yes, and knew this family would love it!  It was so fun to have another person there (and to catch up with a friend that I haven't seen since high school)!

This was my first time at this location and I loved it.  It was beautiful & green (which was surprising in the middle of autumn!).  I think it is maybe an abandoned camp ground?  At least that is what it seemed like to me :)
chu_watermark 02

This family is so beautiful, inside & out.  There is such a strong love for each other & bond that they have, and have had for as long as I have known them.
chu_watermark 10
chu_watermark 09

As we were leaving, when we said the photo shoot was "over," Shillawna and I both spotted at the same time the gorgeous light that was coming in from the trees.  So we had them stop & snapped a few more shots.  This pose was all Shillawna (talented, I tell ya!).  I will say a disclaimer that this happens almost every shoot.  I will say we are done and as we are leaving something will catch my eye and then I'll ask to take a few more ;)  Don't say I didn't warn ya! Ha!
chu_watermark 08
I snapped this shot in that gorgeous lighting as well.
chu_watermark 06
And this one.  I am so happy we stopped & said we weren't done!
chu_watermark 07
Ashlee & Anthony are just a couple years apart.  Such good looking siblings!
chu_watermark 03
The photo on the right pretty much sums up how every guy feels about photo shoots, but I still LOVE how it turned out!
chu_watermark 04

And miss Ashlee?  Did I mention that she could be a super model?  Yep, she is so gorgeous.  And this photo on the right?  Seriously the wind blew as I snapped this, and her hair looks perfect in it. 
chu_watermark 05

Willie & Monica- Thanks so much for allowing me to capture your family for you!  I hope you cherish these photos almost as much as you cherish each other.  Thank you for being such a beautiful example of love & family for me to look up to through the years.  Love ya!

Be blessed!
ES :)

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Ashlee Chu said...

Goodness Erica...these turned out amazing thanks to your talent. And your kind words are so amazing!