Friday, December 10, 2010

siblings & cousins {lancaster, ca photographer}

You know how in the last post I mentioned how photographers love loyal customers?  Well here is another family of loyal customers!  I had not even finished Cymbre's shoot with her boys when she asked me if I could do another shoot with her sister's kids as well as their little brother.  Of course I said yes! :)

They wanted fall-ish looking pictures so we headed to a local park that had lots of mature trees where the leaves had actually started to fall on the ground.  The kids did so good and we had a blast!  It was a bit chilly, and it did start to rain at the end, but that didn't stop us one bit!


This picture is so funny!  The little guy kept crying so we decided to take a picture of all the other kids crying too... then Carter didn't cry in this one.  Ha!

Cymbre's sister Jen's kids... so adorable!

Thanks again, Cymbre, for coming back for a second shoot with me.  The kids all did great and the colors you picked looked fabulous together!

Be blessed! 
~ES :)

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