Wednesday, December 8, 2010

merry christmas from alex, kathy, & ali {lancaster, ca photographer}

One thing I believe almost every photographer will tell you is that they love and appreciate loyal clients.  Alex & Kathy are very loyal clients of mine.  Not only were they one of my first photo shoots in California, but they also hired me to photograph a few shots of their business group that they own.  Then they came back to get some Christmas card pictures.  I was thrilled.  They wanted to do a fun shoot with their Christmas tree, so we stuck it in the middle of the desert!  It was hilarious & kept blowing over, but we worked with it!!

It was stormy and freezing.  We decided to play it by ear and went ahead to our 9:00am photo shoot.  The sun shone from behind the clouds at just the perfect angle where we not only had beautiful lighting for the entire shoot, but we had some fantastic dark clouds in the sky AND an AMAZING rainbow as a backdrop at the beginning.  Wow.
branning2_watermark 04

branning2_watermark 02

branning2_watermark 01

branning2_watermark 03

Thank you, Alex & Kathy, for being such loyal customers to me!  I'm so appreciative & thankful to be able to capture your precious family on such a regular basis!!!

Be blessed! 
~ES :)

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hanneyjo said...

that rainbow picture is awesome