Saturday, December 4, 2010

jeremy + tashauna = j & l {palmdale, ca photographer}

One thing I love about moving back home is I am running into so many people I went to school with.  Tashauna is one example.  We went to high school & graduated together and have not seen each other since, but we did when we met up to do a photo shoot of Tashauna and her beautiful family.  This is so fun to me!

Tashauna and Jeremy are just newlyweds, married this last summer.  They have two adorable boys and a baby on the way!  And we had a blast taking their pictures!
gray_watermark 01

gray_watermark 06

gray_watermark 05

Her boys were so well behaved!  Any other photographer out there knows that makes for such a stress-free, easy shoot (and says a lot about the parents!)... wait, my boys hate getting their picture taken, what does that say about me (except maybe that I always have my camera on them? ha!)
gray_watermark 02

Big brother Jordan
gray_watermark 04

Baby brother Logan
gray_watermark 03

Tashauna- it was so good to run into you & catch up!  What a beautiful family you were blessed with, and I pray only more blessings on you guys as you await your new little one too!

Be blessed!
~ES :)

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