Sunday, December 12, 2010

jeremy + amanda = a, a, & g {lake hughes, ca photographer}

So I don't know if I can write this blog post without writing a lot :)  I was given the honor of taking the family pictures for one of my really good friends- Amanda.  Amanda and I have been friends for 5.5 years.  The spring after Dathan & I got married I went to our church's ladies retreat with my friend Anna.  Since there were 4 people to a room (and although I had many other friends there) Anna & I told the directors of the retreat that if there were any young married ladies going who didn't have a room to be put in that they could come in ours (which thinking back is kind of funny because most people sign up with friends or just don't go).  Well it was totally God because Amanda & another girl Lynette each signed up separately to go to retreat.  So we all met for the first time the first day of the retreat and ended up staying up until 4am talking & laughing & sharing as if we had been friends forever.

Here's the thing, the day before the retreat Amanda was told by her Dr that her & her husband wouldn't be able to have any children.  It was totally God's timing for her to go to retreat & be in our room.  Amanda & I just clicked (we share similar interests- she is even a photographer too!) and I have been with her while her & Jer prayed through adoption, got ripped off by a private adoption lawyer, made the decision to do foster care, have children taken away & their hearts ripped out (several times) and this year rejoice with the finalized adoptions of not one but THREE kids!!  What a testimony to the glory of God!

lloyd_watermark 03

Aaden & Abbie are biological brother & sister.  And they look JUST like Jer & Amanda.  They were in the foster system (and with Jer & Amanda as foster kids) for several years with lots of ups & downs before the adoption was finalized.  They took Gavin home from the hospital after his mom left him there, and he had a fairly quick and smooth-sailing adoption.  Such a huge blessing in their lives!!!
lloyd_watermark 09

Their first professional family pictures as a for real (legally), forever family!!!
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lloyd_watermark 01

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Aaden.  He looks like the kid in Meet the Robinsons :)
lloyd_watermark 05

Sweet & spunky Abbie
lloyd_watermark 06

Gavin the ham!
lloyd_watermark 04

Adorable siblings!!!
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Amanda- you know how much I love you!  I am so thankful for our friendship & that God crossed our paths so many years ago.  I am so happy to see promises that God has given you unfold in your life & know that SO many more will be fulfilled!  Love you!

Be blessed!
~ES :)

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Amanda said...

Aww thanks Erica, I love you too! I am so thankful God put you in my life to be apart of this journey I have been on. Even though you were far away for a few of the years you felt like you were right there.