Friday, December 31, 2010

erin, shannon, and ryan + sarah = b & e {oak glen, ca photographer}

I was so excited when my best friend, Erin, called & asked me if I would help her out on a surprise for her parents for Christmas.  She wanted me to take some pictures of her & her siblings, her sis-in-law, & nieces while she was here visiting.  Her mom, Teri, is a photographer so she usually takes the pictures, and Erin is also a photographer, but they needed me to help with the surprise.

The Saturday after Thanksgiving we packed up the kids and drove to Rancho Cucamonga where they live, for a visit.  Then Dathan took the boys home on Sunday and I stayed an extra day to have some girl time with Erin, which was partially true, but also to take their pictures on Monday ;)  We went up to a place called Oak Glen that Teri LOVES and got some beautiful pictures.  It was freezing out, and there was even some snow on the ground, which you can tell by the outfits we weren't quite prepared for... but that's ok!  They were troopers!

Shannon, Ryan & his wife Sarah, & Erin (with Bailey & Emily in front)
walton blog 07
walton blog 04
Teri has this "famous" picture that she has framed for all her kids where a tree was reflecting in a pond, and it was taken at this same place.  So we made sure to look until we found the spot and then snap some photos there too!
walton blog 08
Ryan & Sarah are just too cute!
walton blog 03
And so are their daughters :)
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walton blog 02
And all of our sneakiness paid off- Teri not only loved her presents, but she was totally surprised and didn't even have a clue that we were doing any of this!  So fun!!

And I just have to brag on my friends for a minute- this is a family that loves the Lord and loves to serve Him.  Erin was a missionary in Ireland for almost 2 years.  Ryan is a worship pastor & Sarah is a youth pastor (at the same church).  Shannon is a youth & children's pastor (at a different church).

Another random fact- their family & my family have been friends for over 16 years (my parents are best friends with Erin's parents), and we are SO similar!  They have 2 daughters & 1 son (who is the middle child), and my family has 2 sons & 1 daughter (me!) and I am the middle child.  I was the first to get married, then Ryan got married.  I had a son, then Ryan had a daughter.  I had another son, then Ryan had another daughter.  And when Nolan turns 2 in less than 2 months the kids will be 4, 3, 2, & 1!  Ok I don't really know why I shared that, but we all think it's fun!!

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