Monday, December 6, 2010

bobby + jenny = b & l {mojave, ca photographer}

This just may be one of my favorite shoots to date!  When Jenny had emailed me to see if I could take their family's pictures and told me she wanted to take pictures by the windmills in Mojave, I was so excited!  I love going new places!  I told her "as long as it's legal and we aren't trespassing I'm ok with it!"  Ha!  So she & her husband Bobby drove out and found a road that was a public road, and we booked our shoot.  On the public road we found a little dirt road that took us closer to the windmills, so we drove a little down that and got some fantastic shots!  The funny thing is, when we were almost done with our shoot a man in a truck drove up to us and said the dirt road we were by was a private access road and we weren't allowed there.  OOPS!  But he was kind enough to let us finish up our shoot (all while staring us down) before he kicked us out.  We got some amazing photos, so I am thankful.  Next time we'll stick to the clearly labeled public roads though! ha!
parks_watermark 01

parks_watermark 08

If it looks like we were out in the middle of nowhere it's because... well... we were!
parks_watermark 07

Jenny is so creative!  She not only brought the couch but also her kids' toy boxes with their names on it.  She wasn't sure how to use them but as soon as I saw them I knew what I wanted to do:
parks_watermark 06

Sweet & pretty Leah.  Found out she was born 2 days before my oldest son.
parks_watermark 04

Cute & curious Bryce.  He was a really good big brother!
parks_watermark 03

The beautiful couple.  I love these photos of them!
parks_watermark 05

This was the shot we got after we got in trouble.  And this is why I am so thankful the guard-man let us finish, because this is probably my absolute favorite shot of the whole shoot.  SUCH a beautiful family!
parks_watermark 02

Jenny- Thanks for being so creative and fun!  I thoroughly enjoyed photographing your little family.  You guys are so adorable and I loved watching all of you interact together- there is such a respect and love there!

Be Blessed!
~ES :)

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