Tuesday, November 16, 2010

kathy & julie turn 40! {lancaster, ca photographer}

Kathy contacted me with a very fun & different request that I had not done before but really enjoyed doing.  Her & her twin sister Julie were having their 40th birthday, and as a gift to Julie she wanted to do a nostalgic photo shoot.  We went into the neighborhood they grew up in & took photos in front of their childhood home, elementary school they attended, and park they played in practically every day.

Here they are in front of their childhood home.  The landscaping and paint job were different, but it was still their house.  They sat on the retaining wall that their dad built.  How special!


These last two photos were taken in the park they grew up playing in.  The playground equipment had been updated, several picnic tables have been removed, and there was a fresh coat of graffiti on the wall of the rec center ;)  But the park still held so many memories for these two sisters.  And I was able to capture them together there.


Happy 40th birthday, Kathy & Julie!  May your days be full of blessings & love, and here's to 40+ more years!!

Be blessed!
~ES :)

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