Friday, November 26, 2010

joe + crystal = k, t, & j {lancaster, ca photographer}

This family was an honor & blessing for me to photograph.  You see, they are like a second family to us.  When we lived in Alabama they became the children's pastors at our church here, but we didn't know them (they started coming around the time we left).  Somehow during that time they "adopted" my parents as their own parents, making them the kids "grandparents."  So, through that I met them and became a far away friend.  Now that we have moved back we have gotten so much closer with them and I just had the best time photographing my "neice, nephews, sister, & brother in law."  HA!

Here they are, just cute as can be.  Kym, Jacob, & Timothy.

They seriously are one of the most good-looking families I've ever seen.

Adorable.  Can't help but love them!

Not to mention fun...

Kymberlee will be 13 in January and is absolutely beautiful.  Such a natural in front of the camera & such a sweet spirit!

Timothy is 11 and a natural born musician.  He is an amazing drummer (especially for his age) and this part of the photo shoot was his idea.  He came to this park with his class from church and had the idea to bring his drumset out on the dock.  So we did... & definitely had a lot of stares as we were carrying the drums across the park!

Jacob is 8 & full of life.  He is a budding musician as well (I forgot to mention that Kym sings!).  They could be the next partridge family ;)  Or at least have their own show on Disney.  Jacob is one of Sean's best friends, even though he is 4 years older!!

Here they are- the next big hit!

With two amazing parents who encourage them to follow their dreams.

My favorite family shot of the shoot.  Is it just me, or can you feel just how special this family is just by looking at this picture? 

Joe & Crystal- Thank you so much for being so selfless and giving to our church family.  You are amazing parents, wonderful examples of what a married couple should be like, and great friends.  It is my honor to be a part of your "family" now.  Love you!

Be blessed!
~ES :)

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