Thursday, November 18, 2010

cymbre & her boys {lancaster, ca photographer}

Cymbre is a beautiful mom with two absolutely adorable boys... they reminded me a lot of my own two!  Especially Max, her oldest, acted so much like Sean, my oldest.  I suppose that makes it easier to chase a busy boy around when you are used it ;)  I love that little boys are busy & energetic... that's who they are, it's in their blood.  I love to embrace the silly faces, games of tag, & love for super heroes as opposed to forcing them to sit on a stool with their hands folded and smile perfectly.  I want people to be, well.... themselves!
brown_watermark 06

We are not above a little bribing with candy :)



Can't you feel the sweet love the boys have for their momma?  I could :)

Right as we were walking away to head back to our cars, I decided to take a couple more pictures.  Glad I did, because this ended up being my favorite from the whole shoot!
See the bag of M&M's bribes??

Cymbre- You are such a beautiful mom, full of love & patience towards your two little men.  And they love you, they really do.  I could see it in how they looked at you & interacted with you.  It speaks a lot about you and what a great mom you are!

Be blessed!
~ES :)

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