Monday, October 25, 2010

john + veronica = e, i, & e {lombardi ranch- saugus, ca photographer}

We all know a family like this one.  Absolutely beautiful.  The mom & dad, all 3 kids, beautiful.  But you know what I love about this family?  It's not just their looks... their hearts are beautiful too!  They have a love for the Lord, a love for each other, and a love for those around them in a way that's uncommon these days.  What a blessed family they are!

Are these 3 kids not the cutest??
griffith_blog 08

Meet Ethan.  The only son & oldest.  He is 3.5
griffith_blog 07

And Isabella.  The beautiful middle child.  She's almost 2.
griffith_blog 05

And sweet little Emma, who was born in August.  Look at that hair!
griffith_blog 04

Such a sweet, sweet family.
griffith_blog 06

Beautiful I tell ya, can't help but say it over & over :)
griffith_blog 03

griffith_blog 01

And of course I had to get some of the beautiful couple, John & Veronica.  They just had their 5th wedding anniversary a couple weeks ago.
griffith_blog 02

John & Veronica- thanks for letting me capture your sweet family!  You guys are so blessed & such a vessel of God to those around you.  Your love overflows from you into your children, and in all of those around you.  Love you guys!

Be blessed! 
~ES :)

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c. griffith said...

so so cute! you did a great job!