Wednesday, September 1, 2010

olivia & brooklyn {lancaster, ca}

Last Saturday I had the privilege of meeting up with a high school friend and photographing her two beautiful daughters. We haven't seen each other since her daughter Olivia & my son Sean (who are about 10 days apart) were newborns & we were passing through the mall... before that was high school! It was a beautiful day & Olivia was more than happy to pose for the camera... Brooklyn (who is only a couple months older than my son Nolan), not so much ;) That's ok, I am pretty used to toddlers who don't want their picture taken, and I believe that our silly antics, hard work, creative distractions, & bribery with candy (nope, I am not above bribery!) paid off, because I got several beautiful shots. Like this first one, for example:

mcandrew_watermark 01

and this one (I can't decide which one I love more!):
mcandrew_watermark 02

Sweet girls!
mcandrew_watermark 07

The bench worked for 1 whole shot ;)
mcandrew_watermark 06

A little reassurance from mommy...
mcandrew_watermark 05

This one is just too cute not to post!
mcandrew_watermark 04

Beautiful girls! They look so much alike!
mcandrew_watermark 03

Tiffani- you are blessed with such sweet, loving, & beautiful girls! You are doing something right in raising these two precious little ladies! I cannot wait to watch them grow & see all the great things they will accomplish.

Be blessed!

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mommy2girls said...

Thanks Erica! I'm so happy with them and even more happy that you and Dathan are going to be sticking around as I will need you many more times and share you with my friends! :-)