Thursday, August 19, 2010

lyssa & tannis {palmdale, ca}

last week i had the pleasure of photographing lyssa and her sweet daughter, tannis (who just started kindergarten the day before our shoot!). we met up by the aqueduct in the evening and had a fun time. we just about blew away from the wind (and lyssa's sunglasses did! ha!) but still managed to get some great shots of these two beautiful ladies.

h watermark 09

h watermark 08

i love how you can see the whole antelope valley from up there!
h watermark 07

h watermark 06

aren't they beautiful? tannis is just a mini-version of her mom!
h watermark 05

h watermark 01

h watermark 02

h watermark 04

h watermark 03

lyssa- you are doing a great job raising tannis. keep working hard & seeking God for all wisdom & He will guide you two girls to wonderful things. you two have a precious bond & i pray that it stays that way forever!

be blessed!

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