Monday, August 23, 2010

i heart faces week 34- beach!

I have so many fond memories of spending time at the beach as a child, and I love that now I get to bring my children to the beach so they can make their own memories to carry with them. This particular day in Morro Bay was quite chilly, and the water was freezing. My oldest son, Sean, was not a fan of the cold water so he would run away from it laughing whenever a wave would crash on the shore. My younger son, Nolan, on the other hand, had to practically be dragged out of the water because he didn't care about the temperature, he just wanted to swim!


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Shelle said...

Love how you caught him mid-stride! Awesome photo! :)

Sarah said...

Love it! Perfect expression he's got too!

Fotobiography said...

Great photo! Looks like everyone was having a fun time. BTW, thanks for stopping by my place.