Monday, August 30, 2010

cole turns 1! {lancaster, ca}

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Just a few days ago this little cutie had his first birthday. Cole's mom & I grew up in church together, so we go way back. Their family just moved back to the Antelope Valley from South Carolina, which is funny since we just moved back here from the south too! So we got together and I shot a ton of adorable photos of this little man for his birthday... that's just what he is- a little man!

He was not too sure about the wind. I told him he would get used to it ;)
cole_watermark 06

So cute!
cole_watermark 01

Almost took his first steps for the camera. So close!
cole_watermark 05

Look at those big, brown eyes
cole_watermark 04

Sweet, sweet boy
cole_watermark 02

He was pretty much over the shoot by this point and just wanted to cuddle with his mommy. What a doll!
cole_watermark 03

Bonnie & Preston- God has blessed you with a very precious gift in Cole. What a sweet baby he is! I pray God will continue to give you strength & wisdom to raise Cole up to be the man of God that he is called to be!

Be blessed!

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