Tuesday, July 13, 2010

robert + erin {florence, al}

i had the honor & privilege to photograph my beautiful, creative, fun, sweet friend erin's wedding about a month ago. this was such a great experience for me- robert & erin have such a unique style that i knew would come across in their wedding- and it did! everything about the wedding was HAPPY and FUN... the two words that i would use to describe the couple, so it was perfect.

i love erin's little bird tattoo. it went right along w/ the theme of the wedding!

erin loves balloons and wanted some vintage-looking UP'esque bridal portraits. these two are my favorites!

erin & her girls- i LOVED the kelly green bridesmaids dresses!

this pictures cracks me up. the guys were just as fun as the couple, they kept me laughing & entertained!

i just adore this shot progression... robert & erin saw each other before the wedding and we did it where it was just the two of them (and me!) when erin first walked in. i had to capture robert's face- is this not the sweetest? i LOVE how his smile just gets bigger & bigger as he watches his bride walk toward him. made me tear up!

we did some fun/artsy photos outside after the wedding. not too many because it was sweltering that day and it took about 2.4 seconds to be drenched in sweat!

their beautiful flowers & rings!

i could do a whole different blog post about their reception... maybe i will! it was adorable to say the least. a candy bar. cupcakes instead of a wedding cake. birdcages. photos everywhere. it was beautiful!

i am also in love with what they did when they left- instead of having everyone blow bubbles or throw birdseed at them they had paper airplanes... seriously, how cute is that? and to go with the theme erin had the awesome anthropologie airplane dress on. love.

robert & erin- you know how much i love you guys as a couple and your wonderful relationship. there are such great things in store for the both of you & i can't wait to see what God does in & through you. always always stay as in love, excited, & fun as you are now- that's what makes you guys so special! love you & congrats!

be blessed!

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Erin Lynn said...

ERICA!!! You're the BEST! Thank you for capturing US & for making our day so relaxed. Your eye is so creative & it was an honor to have you there. Not only were you our photographer, you are a loving friend. Thank you for these memories & for all your love and support.
We love you so much!