Tuesday, July 27, 2010

candace & vannah {lancaster, ca}

this is the 2nd of the photoshoots that i did about a week ago in my hometown. candace & i grew up in church together. our families were close & we even went camping on memorial day weekend every year in bishop (for mule days! ha!). we go way back ;)

so of course i was thrilled when she asked me if i could take some photos of her & her 4 year old daughter savannah. candace's husband pete had to miss out on the photo shoot for a small little prior engagement he had called: officer candidate school for the navy. you know, he's got his priorities all mixed up ;) but it was really fun to do a girls only photo shoot and snap some pictures of pete's two favorite girls for him!

vannah is an absolute doll! she sat herself down on this bench, struck a pose, & said "will you take my picture like this?" of course! :)

two absolutely beautiful girls. pete is a blessed man!


like i said, a doll!

i love how candace described this picture- she said i captured the "we miss our hubby/daddy" look perfectly. so sweet!

candace- thank you for giving me the joy of photographing you & vannah! i know this time is rough but the blessings & outcome will be SO worth it. God has such special and sweet plans for your little family. love you guys!

be blessed!

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