Tuesday, May 18, 2010

rich + amy = r, d, g, & v {florence, al}

i love meeting families! it's so much fun to watch them interact with each other. every part of their interactions is so beautiful to me- the way the parents look at each other, how the kids play with or tease each other, the way the parents encourage & joke around w/ the kids- it's such a wonderful sight!

this family was no exception to that! rich has just returned home from a tour in afghanistan & it has been several years since the family had their photo taken together. perfect excuse for a photo shoot! and it was a wonderful one! not only that, but i had a hard time picking out favorites because they all turned out soooo good!

these 4 kids were such a crack up! seriously they were SO funny! i know they keep their parents on their toes!!!

such a cute couple!

thanks for allowing me to capture your amazing family, rich & amy! you are all so full of smiles, fun, & LIFE. keep enjoying it & enjoying each other!

be blessed!
~ES :)


hanneyjo said...

I love these! Of course, I'm pretty partial to this family. :)

I really love the individual shots of the kids.

Anonymous said...

Erica - Thank you sooo much for braving the rapids and entering into our crazy-psycho world. You were awesome with the kids and the pictures are WONDERFUL!!!! It's going to be difficult to pick through the proofs... Thank You!!!