Tuesday, May 4, 2010

les + rhianna = e & c {killen, al}

after i finished doing baby camilla's photo shoot, we got her dressed & did some family photos of the new family of FOUR. how exciting is that? about 6 months ago when i did their last family photos (found here and here) rhianna was just barely pregnant with camilla... she wasn't even showing. what a joy to see this beautiful family grow! they are so blessed!

we started out w/ the sisters. aren't they beautiful? i just adore these two shots!!!

then we took some of mommy w/ her girls. precious.

now it was daddy's turn! can't you just see his heart melting over his two beauties??

and lastly the new, beautiful family of four! i am just so excited for them and it blesses me to see families that are growing, happy, and truly in love.

have fun in your new chapter of life! God has got so much in store for the four of you!

be blessed!

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Elyssa said...

Such a beautiful family.