Thursday, May 13, 2010

jack turns ONE {florence, al}

this is jack. he is sweet and adorable and you just want to eat him up! he recently had his 1st birthday and i was blessed to be able to take his pics. at first he was so shy and didn't even want his mommy to put him down. that was ok with me, because we got some adorable shots and i just adore this photo!!

eventually he let his mommy put him down but he was SO serious. it was hilarious!

look at him! even in seriousness he is adorable! ;)

this is a little car his great-grandpa got him for his birthday. i was told he LOVES it and never wants to get out of it. it's true (he was showing us a rock on the ground).

we then gave him a cupcake for some smash cake photos. silly little boy just kinda looked at it like "what do you want me to do with this?" he did make a little mess, though.

then he started getting messy... so he wanted his mommy to pick him back up again.

is it bad that i LOVE this pic? awww makes you want to just hold him! he was upset because his mom ran to the car to get some baby wipes... he loves his mommy a lot! :)

happy 1st birthday jack jack! you are an anointed son of the King who is going to do wonderful things for the Kingdom of God. can't wait to see what this life holds for you! and tasha, you are doing a wonderful job as jack's mommy! keep it up!

be blessed!

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Chera said...

Awww! That is such a cute capture of him wanting his mommy!