Tuesday, May 11, 2010

gracie mae {killen, al}


isn't she beautiful? and tiny! she was 5 weeks early due to some medical complications her mommy was having. what a blessing she was- she only had to be on oxygen for a couple of days and then she was fine. God is good!

gracie's parents are good friends of ours, so i consider her my new "niece." her daddy, james, plays the electric guitar & loves rock music. when leann (gracie's mommy) had a 4d ultrasound done right before christmas, in one of the pictures it looked as if gracie was doing the "rock & roll" hand symbol. leann framed that pic & gave it to james for christmas. well, little gracie is most definitely going to be a rocker chick... guess who pulled out the "rock & roll" hand symbol again... LOL

look at these beautiful blue eyes!

pictures don't usually do babies justice on how small they actually are, and i found that the case when i was taking gracie's pictures. so, i had james hold her in his arm. i wanted something to compare to later on down the road. look how tiny!

gracie's grandma and great grandma (as well as MANY other people in her family) are quilters. in fact, her great grandma owns a quilt shop. so you can imagine how many special hand-made quilts gracie was blessed with at her baby showers. i wanted to do a photo where we could incorporate all of those special blankets. look at the beautiful colors and fabrics, and how adorable gracie looks on top!

james & leann- i know your lives have changed forever in the best way possible and i am so happy for you guys! God has got great plans for gracie! you are wonderful parents and i can't wait to watch your family grow!

be blessed!

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