Saturday, May 1, 2010

camilla rose {killen, al}

if you have been following my blog very long, you surely won't recognize this brand new sweet baby, but you may remember her parents and sister from here and here. her mommy, rhianna, was just barely pregnant in those fall photo shoots, and now camilla is here! she is beautiful, sweet, content, and peaceful already. how many 10 day old babies are as awake and alert as camilla? not many. you just can't help but get baby fever when you hold her!

we did half the photo shoot at camilla's grandparents home. they have this awesome old distressed pew (not to mention the woods!) so we took full advantage for some sweet shots.

the other half of the photo shoot we did at camilla's house. that is one thing i try to do with newborn shoots- meet the parents at their home or somewhere comfortable for them so they don't have to pack up & head out somewhere stressful with a brand new baby.

s. w. e. e. t. i tell ya!

gas bubble? probably. but we'll call that a smile!

beautiful bright eyes!

welcome to the world, baby camilla! God has so many great plans for your life, this is the beginning of a beautiful journey!

be blessed!

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Elyssa said...

What a sweet baby!