Thursday, January 14, 2010

w + r = a wonderful (big) family!

wendell and rhea are the parents of drew (from my last post). since i was out in the country @ their house anyways, and all of their family was there at the same time (which is a feat because there are so many of them!) we went ahead and did a photo shoot with all of them as well!

here are wendell and rhea, the leaders of the pack!

their oldest child, her husband, and their children

what a fun picture for this hunting family (and isn't the little man too cute??)

and here they are- all of this wonderful family! wendell & rhea, their 7 kids, 1 son in law, 1 daughter in law, and 6 grandkids!

and their dog wanted to be in all the pics, so i had to take one of him too! :)

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BlondeShot Creative said...

that photo of (what I'm assuming is) father & son in the hunting garb is so fantastic!