Saturday, January 16, 2010

nolan- 9 & 10 months!

now that nolan is 10 days from being 11 months old, i'm going to share his 9 & 10 month photos with you all ;) if you couldn't tell by my blog post overload the last 2 months, i have been so blessed with a lot of business! but because of that i am running behind in a few areas ;)

nolan turned 9 months on thanksgiving! so these pictures are him in his cute little thanksgiving pj's my parents sent him. i didn't get a shot where you could see it that great, but the bottom of one foot says "little" and the bottom of the other says "turkey"

he turned 10 months the day after Christmas. but because of a battle with rsv and a double ear infection (which he still has! ugh!) these were actually taken when he was about 10 months and 10 days. that's ok ;) i wanted to take him outside and my husband thought i was nuts. nolan also thought i was nuts for putting him in a coat that he was unable to move in. but he sure looked cute! ;)

time is flying by! before you know it i'll be showing you his 1 year bday pictures!

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*meaghan* said...

these pictures are great, i love how you placed the 4 together as well. adorable kids :)