Thursday, January 7, 2010

jared + kelley engagement

on a sunny and cold afternoon the week before Christmas i was given the opportunity to take jared & kelley's engagement photos. what a wonderful time we had! they are such a beautiful couple- i really think kelley looks like katherine heigl! they were so comfortable around each other and in front of the camera that almost every picture i took was a favorite!

we took all of these photos on jared's grandparent's property. it is every photographers dream location, and extra special to this couple since it's his family's property.

i designed them two different save the date post cards, a 'serious' one and a 'silly' one. of course, my favorite was the 'silly' one and so that is the one i'm sharing with you! :)

i cannot wait to do their wedding in august!! if it is anything like her sister's wedding i did last year, it will be absolutely gorgeous! i sure hope their parent's saved up... kelley will be getting married in 2010, whitney got married in 2009... and there is still one sister left! ;) good thing she's in high school still, so they may have a wedding break for awhile LOL

congrats jared & kelley! you two are wonderful!


Nancy said...

Adorable. And I think you are right about looking like Katherine & he kind of looks like Freddie Prinze Jr. to me!
I want you to teach me how when you type a highlighted name like "Whitney" & it takes you to her pic's - or when you typed Katherine Heigl - how do you do that?!

hanneyjo said...

you are so talented! You take beautiful pictures.

Jenna said...

Oh I love it! They look like such a fun couple and so cute. Can't wait to see the Wedding pics!!!!

Bama Leigh said...

I can't pick a favorite! They are all awesome! So happy for Jared, we went to high school together and he's such a super sweet guy, I'm glad he found his love!

Hanna. said...

Erica..didnt you hear? i need you to do my Engagement pics..Im getting married 6 months after kelley!!

okay no..but, youre def doing my senior pics! hahahah

whitney said...

wow they are all so pretty. i'm going to have you take pictures of me and mikey again soon. no puppies this time!

Shauna said...

OMG! These are great! Love the 'save the date' photos!!

Thank you for the sweet comment and for stopping by my blog!