Friday, January 1, 2010

13 faves of 2009

as i look back on 2009 i cannot believe how far i've come.
i went the first half of the year without doing many photo shoots. of course, i had just had a baby and started school and could barely keep my head on straight. i am so blessed with how my business just took off during the second half of the year.
i had never done a wedding until september of 2009 and by the end of the year i had three under my belt! and i am doing one tomorrow (the 2nd)! what a great way to start the new year. my goal is to do at least 6 weddings in 2010 (double what i did in 2009).
i wanted to post my favorite picture from every shoot, but there were so many this post would be too long. so then i wanted to do the top 9 of 2009. sounded catchy to me, but was not the right number. so then i wanted to do the normal "top ten" but couldn't narrow it down to just 10. so i have 13. yes, i know, it's a strange number, but anyways... ;)

my 3 favorite wedding shots

my 3 favorite family shots (well, the first is of siblings)

my 2 favorite engagement shots

my 2 favorite married couples shots

my favorite "individual" shot

and my 2 favorite shots of my boys :)

i really could have picked a shot from every photo shoot. for whatever reason, these have just stood out in my head :) every family/person/wedding is beautiful in it's own way, and seeing/learning the personalities of all of them has been such a joy for me.

happy new year!


hanneyjo said...

I REALLY like the third wedding photo. it's cool!


Brandi said...

I hope I can have a year like you did. This is the first for my business...any advice? Love your portraits, great job!