Tuesday, December 15, 2009

josh + nancy = l & k

this was such a fun shoot for me! nancy and i met through our blogs (i believe it was originally through kelly's korner) a few months back. we found out we live a little over 2 hours from each other. this sweet family hadn't had their family pictures taken (i don't think ever?) and decided they would drive all the way up here for me to do their shoot! what an honor! it was such a blessing meeting this family- they are so pleasant, sweet, & friendly (not to mention their kids are well behaved & obedient, which is every photographers dream). we realized if we lived closer to each other we would be friends for sure!

this is when sweet kenlee had just had enough. it was really cold and we did a lot of walking, she was such a trooper! i still think these shots are adorable :)

thanks nancy for giving me the blessing of capturing your family. you are all beautiful! i'm sure i'll be seeing you soon ;)


Jenna said...

That is so cute! The little girl is too funny-most of the pictures she isn't even looking at the camera which makes them adorable!

Hanna. said...

These are adorable Erica!
I really love the one where the whole family has their backs turned to the camera and the little girl is waving at you.
i think that one really captures a child-like heart.