Friday, November 27, 2009

matt + emma

you will have to forgive me in advance for all the pictures of this beautiful bride. if you have known me long (or followed this blog very long) you know that this couple is special to me. they go to our church and matt is our pastor's son. i have been there to capture emma's junior and senior proms, and now her wedding (geez, that makes me teary eyed just typing it out)! what a beautiful, fun, special day their wedding was! sarah and i worked together on this one (she assisted me on my last wedding & is very talented for 17!). we make a great team :)

have you seen a happier bride? i haven't, besides myself on my own wedding day of course ;)

i had found this spot to take pics several months ago, and had been saving it for the perfect occasion. this was it, for sure!

all the girls looked like supermodels

the church was decorated so differently, but it was gorgeous! in the front was a wall of magnolia leaves. there were candles, peacock feathers, bamboo, more magnolia leaves, and twinkle lights. amazing!

they all entered to "everybody dance now" and grooved down the aisle. if you are familiar with this video, their enterance was MUCH better ;)

here's the groom, dancing in & then giving his dad (the pastor) a high five

and yes, their exit was a dance as well!

the cake. oh the cake. it. was. gorgeous!

and the couple? well, they're pretty gorgeous too!

love you matt & emma!


Nancy said...

So beautiful!!
Your work amazes me!
I love the bride's dress & her flowers!!

Cyndi said...

WOW! I didn't even know that they were getting married. Aww. How fun was that wedding. Your pictures are amazing! Tell Emma and Matt I said Congrats!